Feb. 3, 2011 – Year Of The Rabbit – Part II

When a Rabbit decides to settle down, it is with the intention to partner for life. As in all other aspects of their lives, they desire a marriage that invokes few disagreements. Even little arguments can move them to tears. Consequently, a Rabbit is best suited to a spouse who knows how to pamper and how to be affectionate. This makes for a loving relationship, one that many people crave, but never realize.

As everyone knows, rabbits are identified with fertility. So it is no surprise that people born during a Year of the Rabbit tend to have large families. And since they are peace-loving individuals, they give in easily to the wants of their children, mostly in an effort to keep the peace. They hate confrontation, so arguing with their kids is anathema to them. However, because their own personality is mild mannered, they expect their children to act the same. This often creates the very conflict they wish to avoid.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that due to their docility, a Rabbit individual will not pursue an objective. Their methodical precision allows them to achieve. They also have a bit of the “rabbits foot” working for them. Although they don’t make waves – beware – they can be formidable.

Here are a few Year of the Rabbit Predictions – Because of your sensitive nature, you sometimes appear moody to people around you. Try not to wear your feelings on your sleeve. Too bad the rest of the world hasn’t figured out that it costs nothing to be  nice to each other. For that reason, this year especially, you must not allow criticisms to get under your skin.

This is the year to expand your horizons. Put your creativity to work and think seriously about painting, or learning to play a musical instrument. If you haven’t already tried your hand at either, this is the year to throw caution out the window and discover whether or not you have any hidden talents.

Cook a nice, simple meal more often and save the money you don’t spend  eating out. It’s important to save, if you can, this year.

Work on your personal relationships. Communicate, communicate, communicate. This is the year when good friendships can turn into great loves.

Remember how healthy and stimulating a nice walk can be. You don’t have to spend chunks of money to join a gym – just take a walk. It will allow you to spend some quiet time with yourself. Explore the benefits of meditation.

This is a lucky year for you. Don’t squander it. If it feels right – go for it.


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February 3, 2011 – Year Of The Rabbit – Part I

A person born during the years 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011 is most fortunate to be born in the Year of the Rabbit. If you or someone you know is a Rabbit…heads up: it’s going to be an interesting year.

Rabbits are known for their diplomacy and they’re going to need all the understanding they possess this year. Many opportunities for communication gaffes are in the offing. However, think positive. Year of the Rabbit natives should be able to straighten everything out and finish the year on an upbeat note.

In Chinese mythology, the Rabbit symbol represents longevity and it is believed that the Rabbit enjoys a close relationship with the moon. Westerners may refer to the man in the moon, but when the Chinese peer up at the moon, they see a Rabbit standing by a rock, holding a cup that overflows with the elixir of immortality. As symbols go, this is considered one of the finest.

If you want to discover the personality of the Rabbit, picture Monica from the program Friends–always orderly and clutter-free. If a knick-knack has been shifted one centimeter, the Rabbit will return it to its proper original position.

Coupled with their organizational skills, Rabbit individuals are well suited for supervisory positions. They are detail-oriented and happiest when engrossed in intellectual activities. However, since they are reserved creatures, they do not thrive in competitive environments.

More than any other sign in the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbits get the most enjoyment from their spending. They tend to spend money on furniture for their home, on new cars and most love antiques. It is a joyful day when they discover a treasure from the past.

Imagine the fluffy, smooth fur of a rabbit, their fragility, their alert personality and their sweet disposition. This picture, more than any other, portrays people born during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Possibly it was a Rabbit native who first was described as being “cool, calm and collected.” They will avoid confrontation at all costs, being content to allow a conflict to persist around them hoping it will sort itself out without their personal intervention.

They have an eye for fashion and a talent for wearing clothes that perfectly  complement every occasion. Because they are tuned in to all things color, they are interested in the arts, especially music and painting.

If given the choice, Rabbit natives will avoid adventure vacations, preferring more traditional destinations. They love different cultures, therefore a dream vacation would include Europe and Asia, although seeing the sights in the United States remains at the top of their list.

Lucky are those who count a Rabbit as their friend. They are excellent listeners, will always provide a shoulder to cry on and they have the ability to examine a problem calmly and with sensitivity. Oftentimes they come up with the perfect solution.

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Sagittarius – Compatibility Part III and Health Advice

Remember Sagittarius is all about having fun and taking a leadership role. Capricorn is all about success and is often a workaholic. These two temperaments live in different worlds. So, here it is, straight-out, the only thing in sync here is the fact the Capricorn is attracted to a comfortable lifestyle and Sagittarius is happy with personal achievements. Unless they can find more than that to bind them together, it might be best to look the other way.

Whoa, hold the presses! Here comes the best relationship of all – Sagittarius and Aquarius. When Sagittarius flirts, Aquarius will love it. Falling in love with each other will be like a volcano erupting. From that point on, there shouldn’t be a dull moment. Both are talented and fun-loving. Since each are creative, they will be surrounded by equally interesting friends who love travel and good times. It is time to explore. Time to live!

Here is where some unexpected magic can happen. Sagittarius with Pisces, on the surface, should not be a very good match. But if from the beginning, Sagittarius receives the right vibe from Pisces, a real love relationship could flourish. Who is to say why these things happen? Their natures are not very similar, but every once in a while, a rather quirky Pisces comes along and the excitement never ends. If the magic strikes–go for it.


Sagittarians are a healthy lot. So, they tend to be careless about their health. This is fine when they are young, but the older body may not cooperate with bad habits.

Sagittarians usually like sports. It’s best for them to remain spectators, because any bone injury, especially in the hip area, will require a long rehabilitation period.

But, as mentioned, they are blessed with good health. However, when they do come down with a common cold, for instance, it is often accompanied with fever and aching.

A good constitution will weather all these setbacks, but a word of advice – less cheeseburgers and more fruit.

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Sagittarius – Compatibility – Part II

If Sagittarius wants to put some effort into it, a relationship with Virgo could be surprisingly romantic. On the surface, it doesn’t seem compatible because Virgo likes things to be orderly and safe, while Sagittarius is out for the good times. However, if Virgo is smart enough to seduce Sagittarius into being “just friends,” this is one of those instances when a friendship can blossom into a long-term relationship, one that will be able to weather all emotional storms.

If Sagittarius can find a laid-back Libra, this could make for a mesmerizing hook-up. A few important facts to watch out for: Sagittarius must be loyal and true, because Libra does not accept infidelity. Luckily, when Sagittarius is in love, straying is not usually a problem. The only other thing Sagittarius must remember–don’t be overly aggressive. Go easy with Libra and slowly discover the treasure you’ve uncovered.

Watch out if Sagittarius and Scorpio get together. Both are forceful, passionate personalities that most often clash. This is a couple who do best as friends. The attraction to each other may be strong at first, but there will be distrust on both sides. This one is hard to sort out. A romantic relationship will be tough to hold together, but a close friendship could end up being first class.

If you’re looking for lots of laughter, try out a Sagittarius/Sagittarius attachment. They know and understand each other. Having fun will be…well…fun! Sharing love and life will hold this couple together. There is a strong emergence of children and animals in the coupling of these signs. If both remain energetic and ready for “anything,” this could end up being an amazingly, happy relationship.

More to come concerning Compatibility & Health

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Sagittarius – Compatibility – Part I

Now then, who should reel in this prize?

You wanna have fun? Do an Aries/Sagittarius thing. It’s not the super best match-up, but there is lots of heat. This makes it hard for Sagittarius to hang on to the top spot. There is a strong attraction on both sides and each will vie for the leadership role. The stakes are high. Each will keep coming back for more. But–no matter what–Sagittarius will always have Aries’ back.

The Taurus individual could have a hard time with Sagittarius. Taurus is known for being opinionated. Sagittarius may be too frank and upfront. This could end up becoming a tug of war because Taurus often develops a jealous streak, especially when in love with a live wire. And, Sagittarius has no use for jealousy in a relationship. Too bad, because all other traits could meld into something good, in and out of bed.

Gemini might drive Sagittarius crazy! On the other hand, Sagittarius enjoys a challenge. The Gemini mystery will always be present in their relationship, that sense of something hidden. It depends on the Sagittarian to decide whether it is worth the time and energy to peel away the layers and find the real person inside. If it is adventure Sagittarius seeks, Gemini could be the fascinating answer.

All right, let’s cut to the chase. Cancer is often a very needy individual, at best, sensitive and a homebody. This will be hard for Sagittarius to understand. Although generous, sometimes to a fault, Sagittarius is clearly not the most patient of the Zodiac signs. Without a doubt, this partnership comes with lots of drama. But love is blind – never say never.

What about a Leo/Sagittarius hook-up? This one looks pretty good. Actually, it has the potential to be fantastic. Both are self-confident, but Leo requires a bit of stroking and praise. First and foremost, Sagittarius must establish whether Leo sees this as a long-term relationship. Once that is confirmed, it could be beauteous: friends, children, pets, and room left over for fire.

More Compatibility to come & some Health aspects

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Sagittarius – Love And Marriage

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the King of all the gods in Roman mythology. This fact alone should give you an idea about who will wish to be the boss in a relationship.

That said, it should also be noted that Sagittarians place a good deal of trust in the individual they choose as their love interest. Therefore, the elements of jealousy and possessiveness are not present in this romantic equation.

A long-term Sagittarian partner can look forward to a good amount of freedom as long as he or she abides by the rules. The price for this loyalty and permissiveness isn’t too steep. The only thing required is the partner’s fidelity and truthfulness in return.

Sagittarius’ love interest will have to enjoy travel. And it wouldn’t hurt to like the arts: music, plays, and dance. If these two individuals find each other, they can become an unbeatable team.

There is only one other negative aspect that can steer the marriage into a downward spiral–religion. The Sagittarian native very often is an exceedingly spiritual being. That’s a good thing when aspects of the belief: love, generosity, compassion and humanity are applied to the relationship. But sometimes the religious bent becomes obsessive, which can lead to the partner eventually abandoning the love nest.

Sagittarians must avoid being obsessive in this area, and they also must not allow their career to take over their life. A workaholic runs the risk of losing a loved one.

If Sagittarius remains the passionate lover that at first attracts his counterpart, the alliance will remain strong and binding.

This is a duo who can learn together, experience new things together and explore life. The possibilities are endless.

More to come about Compatibility & Health

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The Sagittarius Personality – November 22nd to December 20th

If you want the truth handed to you on a silver platter, look for a Sagittarian. They’re blunt, straightforward and to the point. Sugar coating is not part of their DNA. So, if you’re longing for truth and honesty, look no farther.

Sagittarians are hard-working individuals, energetic, and almost always upbeat. Their optimism infects those around them, so they are often surrounded by people who are the doers, the adventurers, the thrill seekers.

Here is a person who will seize the moment. Their enthusiasm is boundless and they won’t hesitate to take a blind jump once in a while. Sometimes they land in a heap of luck, sometimes in a pile of muck. The point for them is that they took the initial leap, the outcome is what it is.

On the other side of the coin, you probably don’t want to anger a Sagittarian. They have a temper that is hard to quell. If the Sagittarian in question is a female, a beautiful peace offering will be acceptable (sometimes). If  it is a man, a heartfelt apology usually does the trick. If neither of these tactics work, the air will be cool for a while.

Sometimes they are hard to understand, but when you get them–you get them.

More to come about Love, Marriage, Compatibility & Health

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Scorpio – Compatibility Part III & Health Advice

Scorpio and Capricorn are both goal oriented. This may be Scorpio’s best match, but it often takes a while for these two to get together. Both are cautious, especially if one or the other has already been burned by a previous partner. But if Scorpio can make this happen, this couple has a real chance to grow together. It won’t be easy because Capricorn has a temper, but there’s good chemistry here.

The Scorpio/Aquarius relationship can go either way. Scorpio may have a hard time grasping the idea that Aquarius not only requires a lover, but also a best friend. Aquarius needs someone to talk to and share things with. Scorpio may misinterpret some  of the things. It gets cloudy. Scorpio will have no trouble filling the part of the lover, but the best friend issue will have to be worked on. This can be glorious, or fall completely apart.

Scorpio and Pisces – a good match. Both are intuitive and can see into each other’s heart. This may sound oh, so new age, but it’s what makes this match-up work. Dreams can turn into reality when both work toward the same ends. The gentleness of Pisces will keep Scorpio’s love alive. Any differences they have can be overcome with effort on both sides. This can be a most rewarding partnership.


Overall, Scorpio natives are pretty healthy specimens. When they become ill, their recuperation powers are extensive and they’re often up and out again while another person may still need more time to heal.

Scorpio individuals often suffer from headaches (migraines). It’s important to see a doctor and get prescribed help for this condition. Untreated, it’s the one thing that can and will put you down for days at a time.

Other ailments that are prominent in the Scorpio natives have to do with the bladder, colon and prostate. These too should immediately be reported to your doctor. Luckily, you have a strong constitution and you recover easily.

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Scorpio – Compatibility – Part II

Hold your breath if a Scorpio hooks up with a Leo. Both of these individuals like to hold a piece of themselves back. This doesn’t sit well with Scorpio, who needs to be totally absorbed in the other’s life. Leo can also be an extravagant spender, without running the expenditure by Scorpio first. Scorpio doesn’t mind the actual cash outlay, but needs to be the chief financial Hoohah. Both must be ready for some intense flexibility. It can get explosive.

Scorpio individuals have complex natures. Virgo individuals may find it impossible to ever fully understand a Scorpio. Besides which, both signs have highly critical personalities. On the surface, this appears to be a “no-no.” Look a little closer though and you’ll find that Scorpio can often make Virgo feel loved and secure, while Virgo will help Scorpio stay grounded and is a good match in the bedroom. Try it. You may like it.

Intense Scorpio may appeal to Libra at first. In order for this to work long term though, Libra will have to concede leadership to Scorpio. Since Libra natives are often sentimental and romantic, their light airiness may excite the Scorpio’s protectiveness. If it works out this way, life can be wonderful for this pair. But if Libra begins to feel smothered and trapped, it could end in disaster. This is chancy.

Run for cover when a Scorpio romances a Scorpio. I shouldn’t use the word romance because this meeting will be more like arm wrestling. Can it work? Only if one or both decide to learn new things from the other and be less concerned with who is the boss. Think about it. This will be like a tempest in the teapot. Both battling it out. But when the air clears, can these two fiery individuals come together? If the answer is yes, the sky’s the limit.

When Scorpio meets independent Sagittarius, there will be many misunderstandings. First thing to consider is, Scorpio will not be able to wholly embrace Sagittarius, because Sagittarius is almost impossible to manipulate. If Scorpio’s intent is to tie down Sagittarius, this partnership is headed for disaster. This is one Scorpio should probably pass up.

More to come concerning Compatibility & Health

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Scorpio – Compatibility – Part I

Okay, let’s get down to business. Who exactly should Scorpio hook up with?

If we could judge a union on physical traits alone, the Scorpio/Aries coupling would definitely hit the mark. Scorpios’ libidos are legendary and their passionate nature would be loved by Aries. However, Aries will never tolerate Scorpio’s dominating nature, because Aries natives are also bent on having their own way. Additionally, they are too flighty for Scorpio. Long-term harmony between the two is unlikely.

Because both Scorpio natives and Taurus natives can be stubborn, on the surface it would appear they would be a terrible match, but in fact, this pair often make fine bedfellows. They’re both possessive and sometimes jealous, and minor issues often result in all-out war. But guess what! They are so alike they understand that their idiosyncrasies stem from insecurity and that serves only to bring them closer. It might be explosive, but it will be fun.

Compromise will be key if Scorpio decides to team up with Gemini. Because Scorpio is often blinded by jealousy, Gemini’s desire to be with stimulating people could be misinterpreted by Scorpio. If both individuals can accept each other’s differences, they can forge an unbreakable bond, but it will take a good deal of work and will be up to both whether it’s worth the effort.

If Cancer allows passionate Scorpio to throw heart and soul into their relationship, this can turn out to be a most compatible match. Together, these two emotional signs can explore uncharted territories. Each can balance out the other’s weaknesses joining their energies to create a secure long-lasting partnership. It’s possible they can create a harmonious place they will both love to come home to.

More Compatibility to come & some Health Aspects

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